Huanglong, Sichuan, China


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The resort hotel is located in Minshan Mountain range, close to the famous Huanglong National Park known for its colorful pools formed by calcite deposits. The hotel consists of 116 guest rooms and a variety of amenities including spa, a restaurant, fitness center and conference facilities. 

The design draws inspiration from the structures by Zang and Qiang minority settlement in the region, which are built with local stones and wood and seem to grow out from their surroundings. The entrance lobby and amenities are located at the base of the hotel, with roof top pools and gardens. The guestroom wings are grouped to clusters of small “towers”, with private terraces on the top. The guest wings are strategically located along the contours of the mountain, and are linked by transparent vertical and horizontal circulation elements. All the public space and the guestrooms offer extraordinary mountain vistas and stunning views, closely connect people to the natural surroundings.

Sustainable design principles are at the heart of the design approach. The buildings are orientated to maximize sun light and natural ventilation, the exterior concrete wall are made with aggregates from local stone and wood from local timbers.  

The project explores the contradictory relationship between people and nature, and intends to achieve a dynamic balance between the two by providing hotel guests modern comfort while maximizing their connection with nature.

Location: Huanglong, Sichuan, China

Market: Hospitality

Area: 11,600 sq m

Service: Design