Central Square International (CSI) Architects is an innovative design group committed to creating built environment that has positive impact on the quality of lives. We work internationally on cultural, residential and commercial projects, and provide architectural, interior and urban design services for public and private sectors. Our diverse portfolio covers a wide range of project types including museums, libraries, offices, housing and mixed use development.

People and nature provides us never ending resources for inspiration. The fundamental human desires to live, learn, work and play and the basic elements of nature: the light, wind, water and greenery, plays essential roles in shaping our design. As a result, our work is characterized by its imaginative ways to celebrate human activities and intensify natural phenomena, and by its ability to connect people with nature and with each other.

Each of our project starts from an idea that is unique to a specific site and program, each idea derives from intense dialog with our clients and thorough analysis of the cultural and climate context of the site, and material and spiritual needs of the inhabitants. The realization of an idea is achieved by close collaboration with all parties involved in the project and guided by principles of human, enduring and sustainable design. In the end we deliver a project that is functional, economic and elegant, and above all, inspire people and transform communities.