Shanghai, China


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The Calligraphy Museum is sited in a public park and to house a permanent collection of outstanding calligraphy work created by leading artists of the Ming and Qing dynasties, it also provides space for changing exhibitions of contemporary calligraphy work and spaces for learning and gathering.

Chinese Calligraphy is a simple and yet unique art form embodies ancient Chinese philosophy that the negative and the positive forces of nature contrasts and coexists at the same time and are seen as an integrated whole. The design of the museum is a three dimensional and abstract presentation of Chinese calligraphy, creating forms and spatial experiences that are in contrast and yet coexist harmoniously.

By entering the entrance at the corner of the site, people will firstly encounter a water garden and a winding corridor leading to the museum located on the other corner of the garden. The walk over the water brings people into the mood to appreciate the art. The building consists two solid boxes that are connected with an atrium space bringing daylight and fresh air. The ground floor of the museum provides space for temporary exhibition, a 100 seat auditorium, a gift shop and a cafĂ© facing the water and outdoor space for events. The second floor of the museum houses the permanent collection that consists some master calligraphy pieces from Ming and Qing dynasty.     

The form of the museum are elements extracted from different type of calligraphy styles from regular to cursive. The material palette consists of mainly black, white and grey, a representation of the ink and paper used in the calligraphies, with subtle changes in texture from white translucent glass, to concrete with wood grain pattern and sand stone paver under the water.

Location: Shanghai, China

Market: Culture

Area: 5,400 sq m

Service: Design